25. nov. 2007

Perfect job

A few words about a perfect job. Usually someone can't really get a perfect job or there isn't one. Perfect job is combined from more factors, this depends from person to person, my perfect job is not necessarily someone elses' perfect job. For some, the only important thing is that they have a job and earn as much money as they can for everyday life. On the other side, there are people who want to enjoy in what they are doing and of course there are extremists. They would like to be paid for doing absolutely nothing!I personaly know very few people who are completely satisfied with their jobs.
I think that you create your own future while educating, not only in schools but in everyday life. Usualy we choose school which offers the most interesting programm for us and gives us a possibility to get an interesting job we want to do. Nowdays, companies search for employees which have high education and can help the company towards new markets and bigger profit.
What about my perfect job? Well, my first goal is to finish the faculty. I've choosen this faculty because I'm very interested in things I study and would like to do that in the future. When I finish the faculty I will try to find a job that will be appropriate for the education I'll have and will be good for me. I love working with people who are willing to work for the welfare of the company. For me it is important that when you finish formal education you keep on learning new things every day because things are developing very fast nowdays and you have to be in touch with the latest achievements and inovations. And this is the only way to succeed in privat and professional life!

15. nov. 2007

Music and me!!!

My interest in music has started when I was just a little child. I just loved the music. When I was a small boy, my grandfather tought me how to play the harmonica so we were playing and singing songs together. When I started primary school I also started taking lessons at the music school. At the begining we were practising on a flute, after a year we had to decide which instrument will we play and because there wasn't much to choose from, I chose piano. At first I didn't have a real piano at home, just the electrical one, so I was very happy when my parents bought me a real piano after a while. I was practising the piano for four years and we had quite a lot of appearances. Well, after four years I gave up the piano but my love for the music didn't go away. After I finnished primary school I bought myself a guitar and decided to teach how to play it by myself. A friend gave me a book and so I started learning. It went quite good and with a couple of friends we started a band. Our name was Lightning Rod and there was six of us. Our repertory included mostly arrangements of well known songs fom famous bands but we also had a few of our own songs. We did a few concerts but after two years it was all over since we didn't have enough time to practice anymore, because we were all in secondary schools and had to study harder.

Well, I still love to play the guitar whenever I can. Sometimes friends join me and we play guitar and sing songs and have a lot of fun.
Otherwise, my favourite music style is rock, good, old rock'n'roll and metal but if the atmosphere is right, traditional Slovene music is a very good option.


This picture is from flickr by Pål Berge!
Link where I find picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paalb/5367055/in/photostream/

Why I chose this picture? Hm, good question!
Specially I chose this picture because I like winters. I am made on skiing and snowboarding too. I have my own skis and snowboard. I started skiing when I had seven years. With snowboarding I started when I was 15 years. If I mast decided between skis and snowboard I have very difficult duty. Probably after long reflection I decided for skis if I must decided. I like jumping and doing some new tricks. Last winter I had skiing only twice and twice we went snowboarding with my friends. We walked to some high hill from where we snowboarded. That was specially good feeling for me. It was just crazy.

26. okt. 2007

Hudajužna is a nice place!!!

My village, Hudajužna is a small village with about 100 inhabitants. At the begining of the 20th century there was a railway station, a hotel, all kinds of craftsmen were here. There was also a primary school, post office and two shops. But things have changed, people have to drive to work every day either to Nova Gorica, Tolmin, Jesenice or Cerkno. Primary school is in Podbrdo after that, teenagers have to go to Tolmin, Nova Gorica, Jesenice or Ljubljana to study and to find a job.

The translation for Hudajužna would be bad or hard lunch . The story says that about 500 years ago, at noon when men were out on the fields and women were cooking lunch, Turkish army came and because of their reputation, everyone had escaped to the mountains. But since lunch was so delicious, the Turks didn't do any damage to the village and they just left.

Bača valley

Bača valley is approximately 30 kilometers long narrow valley, more like a ravine. Bača river has many tributaries that can cause many problems, as seen about a month ago when there was a flood in this area. On it's northern side there is a mountain range called Bohinjske gore and on the south there is a mountain range called Cerkljansko hribovje. On the slopes of that ranges, above the bottom of the valley there are many interesting and picturesque villages with interesting history.
There are only six villages at the bottom of the valley. Podbrdo is the biggest village with a bit under 800 inhabitants. The valley used to be very important since there was a national border between the kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and Italy called Rapalska meja ( Rapal border).

At the begining of 20th century an important railway was built, that has connected Bača valley with Bohinjska bistrica and Ljubljana. On that railway is the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia, from Podbrdo to Bohinjska bistrica.

Climate varies from north to the south and from the bottom to the higher levels of the valley. Winters are cold and can bring plenty of snow, summers are usually warm, due to the influence of warm air coming from the Mediteranean sea.

In 1948, first Slovenian movie was made in the Bača valley.

23. okt. 2007

I and the internet!

I used internet for the first time in primary school. I was surprised about the huge amount of data that can be found there. I’ve created my first e-mail account, but the most often used program was mIRC chat. At home we did have a personal computer but it didn’t have an option and the necessary hardware to connect to the internet. Otherwise, connection speed was ok for that time but looking back, I can’t imagine internet connection nowadays with connection speed that low!
In secondary school I decided to buy myself a new personal computer with all the hardware I needed to connect to the internet. It was very useful during the school years because I found a lot of information about the things we were learning in school, on the internet. I used it to upgrade my knowledge!

Nowadays, I can’t imagine life without it! It is a necessity at the faculty, since professors put all their lessons on the internet, all the literature we need for the exams also there we can find all the dates for the exams and the grades we get.

So, I don’t imagine everyday life without the internet. The number of users is increasing and also, they start using it very soon. It is developing very fast, connection speeds are getting higher; a lot of data can be transferred in just few seconds. But on the other hand, despite all the good things it brought to our lives, it can and it is used by some to harm others, to take their money and things like that! So, like everywhere else, we have to be careful while using the internet.

16. okt. 2007

About me!


My name is Anže Kemperle. I come from small village called Hudajužna in Baška Grapa. I have two young sisters called Lea in Nives. Our famili live in big our house. Around the hous we have a big garden.

I'm 20 years old and I study Mechatronics in Nova Gorica. In school I come with train every day. I am full time student.

In my free time I like playing my electrical. guitar, football with my friends, repairing cars and motorbikes with my good friend Andrej.

I rely enjoy when I repairing cars because this work relaxed me.